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Renovation Guide: How to have accent walls?

captivating that are hard to resist for you. Have you ever heard of accent walls? Do you feel it will give You might have come across various jaw-dropping renovation ideas, and few of them will be so your place a dramatic look? It might be new for you, but these days such type of renovation for the wall is impressive. Here, we are going to let you know how to choose an accent wall and what essential things you need to ponder on while having this incredible addition in your place.

Accent Walls are:

  • Adding one or more colour to rooms.
  • Incredible option to adorn walls of your choice
  • Using bold Colors are entirely up to you but make sure you are not devastating a genuine look
  • Adding focal point in the room

What to discover for accent wall?

In this section, we are going to let you know what essential things you people need to discover for colourful walls. Take a look

Identify Location:

While going for accent walls of your favourite choice doesn’t mean that you are going to create wherever you want to. For this, you have to look in your surrounding for the perfect location. You have to ensure wall shouldn’t be narrow because you have to highlight that place with overwhelming colours so there should be enough place to highlight the whole area. The background would be dramatic when your colour selection would comply the furniture and other antiques because they all collaboratively give a contemporary look to your place.

Identify Source

Well, accent wall can’t be created only with paint colours, you can create your favourite pattern with wallpapers as well. Both are the perfect source for creating an accent wall. If you haven’t identified source yet then don’t forget to scour the internet for trendy accent wall ideas for living room. People are creating eye-opening designs with the right selection of medium. Designers can help you out in this situation for having particular attention-grabbing walls.

Identify Design

This one is essential to identify first because without thinking about the design you can’t get the desired design. People who are obsessed with refurbishment they must be aware of this fact that how much right design is essential. For dramatic and classic look you can opt light or vibrant hues, the whole appearance is reliant on design so make sure it should be trendy enough.

Identify Colors

Colour selection is much more important than anything else everyone is searching and asking their experts about how to choose an accent wall colour because you have to do something different than other walls for creating a captivation. If other walls have bold paint colours, then accent walls can be light shade rather than going for the same level of boldness. Subtle tones are preferable. Let me add one thing here; Bright colours should match with room bedding. You can go for such colour that matches with furniture of the bedroom. Avoid clashes in selected colour and the other one that is already sprucing up your wall. Design inspirations are good if chosen design or colour is best fitted to place. Usually, people just opt the design without noticing either it will be able to create a focal point or not. So always go with expert advice they will suggest you best colour combinations for accent walls.

Identify the Experts

These days you would come across various experts in the market that are offering trendy ideas and they will let you know about do’s and don’ts. Always go for professionals and don’t compromise on the quality because you are investing a tremendous amount in accent walls creation and minor negligence would sink your funds in seconds. You can ask for friends’ referrals to mitigate the possible risks.

These are the main aspects that need to be discovered for perfect creation of accent walls. Make your room a centre of attention for everyone. Always try something different rather than going for traditional ideas but make sure whatever you are going to attempt should be approved by designers to avoid any further risks.

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