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Consider 7 Essential Requisites When You Plan for a Home Extension

Although adding extensions to your house is a great idea, but it needs to be very careful when you go for it. The home renovations and home extensions are getting popular with each day, but it does not mean to avoid little yet the essential requisites before planning the expansion. You need to consider certain things while planning the extension. The design of the plan is not the only thing you need to take care of. There are many other factors you need to go through wholly before the construction. Such as to get the building regulations and planning permissions. Following some of the essential requisites are mentioned to follow strictly.

  • Follow the Right of Easement

You must know that if you have any home extension plan in Leeds, your neighbours can claim a legal right to block your plans. Therefore you need to take good care before deciding for any extension in your homes. There exists a “right to an easement” by which one can claim your addition in the premises. By the right of easement, one can enter to the premises of another person’s property. The examples of easement right are, right to way, right to breeze and right to light. These rights can merely override any planning permission. People may establish the right of light through prescription due to which you cannot make any construction that is blocking light to enter the premises of your neighbour.

  • The requirement of site insurance

If you have decided to have a home renovation or home extension in Leeds, you need to have the proper site insurance. Call out an ‘A-rated insurer’ to cover the existing building or the new extended structure until you complete the construction work. Most of the builders will tell you that they have the insurance, but in reality, they do not have it or have a liability cover. According to it, it makes you liable if anybody has claimed any negligence etc. You need to prove the fault in case of any legal proceeding. You need to make a proper check of it. It will also not cover any natural calamity for example flood, fire and storm damage etc.

  • Planning permission

If you are planning to have a home extension or addition to your premises, then you need to take the planning permission. The planning permission undergoes different rules and regulations. According to which you need to tell your plans to the authorities including the home extension such as loft conversions in Leeds Cost, design enhancements, modifications details etc. The authorities will go through the details carefully and decide whether the extension is better for you and your building or not and will then give you further permission to go on with the construction. Without the planning permission, you cannot make a structure in your houses or office buildings. There are some specifications illustrated; if your extension exceeds those specifications then you need to have the permission otherwise you can go without it too.

  • Know-how of the Building Regulations

In case, you do not require the planning permission for the home addition; you still need the building regulation approval. The building regulations will propose the minimum requirements for the change in the structure of the existing building, fire safety, energy efficiency, ventilation, damp proofing and all other key factors that are necessary to keep in mind to ensure the safety of the building. If you need to have any repairing or maintenance in your home, then you do not need the building regulation permission. But if you are having addition for the kitchen, bedroom, lounge or loft conversion or any internal structural alteration or installation of new heating appliances etc. then you need to have the approval from the building regulation.

  • Understand the Party Wall Act

Your neighbours cannot hold you back from constructing a building up to or even on the boundary between both properties. They cannot stop you even if you have access to their piece of property unless you have the planning permission to carry on and there are no more restraining agreements. It is the Party Wall Act 1996 that gives you the permission to work on or up to your neighbour’s property. It formalises the deal in such a way that it protects the interests of every party to the contract. The matters covered in this Act are not dealt with the planning permission or the building Development rules and regulations. In such cases, the parties often hire the land surveyors to deal with the matter because they have a better understanding of such situations.

  • Balance your Accommodation

Before moving to a home extension, do remember balancing the accommodation. A balanced space has an increased property value in the future. If you are adding extra bedrooms in your house, you must know that there will be a requirement of a bathroom with it. Usually, a single bathroom and a shower room are required for a single floor where there are four to five bedrooms. Typically, the bedrooms with attached bathrooms have the priority. If you do not make a balance on your property, it may constraint the value of the property. The outdoor showers or the bedrooms without bathrooms are not convenient. It is why you need to construct your house in a composed form.

  • Face the design challenge wisely

If you want your new home extension to work out, then you are in dire need of a perfect design that not only can challenge all the difficulties but also face it. It should be efficient and the most practical plan to get in shape. You need to make the model wisely. Do not slice up a large room to gain access to the home extension of just a single bedroom of the same size. If you need your house to function healthily, then circulate the space. Ensuring a livable and getting the best use out of it is the best example of a perfectly designed home extension or addition design.

Artist Inside you while Doing Domestic Refurbishment

It is natural that we sometimes want change in our own house as we get irritated by the old designs but remodelling the whole house is a big project that requires a large investment and some incredible ideas as well. Are you also trying to give a new look to your house? Well, it is good but do you know the actual pros of domestic refurbishment? It is not about the magnificent appeal only but renovating the house is the most effective solution to increase the living space. You’ll have to ponder all the aspects including the bigger picture and the small impacts. However, you must know one thing clearly that home renovation projects pay back surely, so do not just consider it an expense because it is not less than an investment. So, it is crucial to spend money and time prudently and the first step should be the proper planning.

What about Creating a Conversation Pit?

If you have a large family and you merely meet each other due to the busy routine then it isn’t bad to vaguely entertain the notion of creating a conversation pit by lowering the living room. Having classy sofas in the bi-level living room will give a spacious and cosy effect to the place and you’ll definitely love it while having gossips with your family members and enjoying coffee in the cold evening.

Conversation Pit

It isn’t very costly but gives an incredible touch to the house by enhancing the living experience.

A Book Nook under the Stairs

The book lovers know the importance of book nook so If you are also one of them but unable to create bookshelves just because the shortage of space then it is the right time to trigger your passion by creating a book nook under stairs. Book Nook under the Stairs

Around 500 books can be placed easily on the shelves under the stairs and you cannot get the best usage of this space other than installing the small shelves. It is one of the most practical ideas which are easy to work on because every house has stairs and the underneath space also remains empty, so it is better to turn it into something that you are passionate about.

A Charming Artist’s Garden Shed

There is no one who doesn’t like the beauty of gardens but most of us have messy sheds which look clingy and spoil the appeal of the whole garden as well. However, if you turn it into a unique style then it will be the best use of money. The domestic refurbishment is the best chance to give a new thought to the artist inside you and the garden shed can be designed in an incredible way that your messy lawn will be turned into the most enlightening one.

Charming Artist’s Garden

Don’t Forget the In-Wall Pest Control System

The strength and durability of the woodwork are quite important and if you haven’t adopted the safety measures yet then it is the best chance to inject pest control chemical during the process of renovation. This will allow you to enjoy the benefits of remodeling for a long time.   

accent walls

Renovation Guide: How to have accent walls?

captivating that are hard to resist for you. Have you ever heard of accent walls? Do you feel it will give You might have come across various jaw-dropping renovation ideas, and few of them will be so your place a dramatic look? It might be new for you, but these days such type of renovation for the wall is impressive. Here, we are going to let you know how to choose an accent wall and what essential things you need to ponder on while having this incredible addition in your place.

Accent Walls are:

  • Adding one or more colour to rooms.
  • Incredible option to adorn walls of your choice
  • Using bold Colors are entirely up to you but make sure you are not devastating a genuine look
  • Adding focal point in the room

What to discover for accent wall?

In this section, we are going to let you know what essential things you people need to discover for colourful walls. Take a look

Identify Location:

While going for accent walls of your favourite choice doesn’t mean that you are going to create wherever you want to. For this, you have to look in your surrounding for the perfect location. You have to ensure wall shouldn’t be narrow because you have to highlight that place with overwhelming colours so there should be enough place to highlight the whole area. The background would be dramatic when your colour selection would comply the furniture and other antiques because they all collaboratively give a contemporary look to your place.

Identify Source

Well, accent wall can’t be created only with paint colours, you can create your favourite pattern with wallpapers as well. Both are the perfect source for creating an accent wall. If you haven’t identified source yet then don’t forget to scour the internet for trendy accent wall ideas for living room. People are creating eye-opening designs with the right selection of medium. Designers can help you out in this situation for having particular attention-grabbing walls.

Identify Design

This one is essential to identify first because without thinking about the design you can’t get the desired design. People who are obsessed with refurbishment they must be aware of this fact that how much right design is essential. For dramatic and classic look you can opt light or vibrant hues, the whole appearance is reliant on design so make sure it should be trendy enough.

Identify Colors

Colour selection is much more important than anything else everyone is searching and asking their experts about how to choose an accent wall colour because you have to do something different than other walls for creating a captivation. If other walls have bold paint colours, then accent walls can be light shade rather than going for the same level of boldness. Subtle tones are preferable. Let me add one thing here; Bright colours should match with room bedding. You can go for such colour that matches with furniture of the bedroom. Avoid clashes in selected colour and the other one that is already sprucing up your wall. Design inspirations are good if chosen design or colour is best fitted to place. Usually, people just opt the design without noticing either it will be able to create a focal point or not. So always go with expert advice they will suggest you best colour combinations for accent walls.

Identify the Experts

These days you would come across various experts in the market that are offering trendy ideas and they will let you know about do’s and don’ts. Always go for professionals and don’t compromise on the quality because you are investing a tremendous amount in accent walls creation and minor negligence would sink your funds in seconds. You can ask for friends’ referrals to mitigate the possible risks.

These are the main aspects that need to be discovered for perfect creation of accent walls. Make your room a centre of attention for everyone. Always try something different rather than going for traditional ideas but make sure whatever you are going to attempt should be approved by designers to avoid any further risks.