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A Complete Guide: to buying Best Air Conditioner

Our requirements change as the weather changes and we have to set the budget as per our needs. Summer season is undoubtedly the best time of the whole year, however, going out of the budget is something that ruins all the excitement of summer days. Well, you aren’t alone who has to ponder the cost of the air conditioner as around 6.5 million units are sold every year. Ask yourself what size of air conditioner do I need? because if you buy the large unit for a small home, the extra bill will be waiting for you on the way whereas the small unit will not throw the sufficient amount of heat outside. Some households enjoy the chilled environment in summers while few just spend this time being worried about high bills. Well, every worry has a solution only by digging a bit to learn few things because you can buy the best AC only when you possess sound knowledge about its working.

Noise should be Low

It is crucial to consider the noise of unit as the excellent models of AC produce very low sound. The units that produce high noise can disturb the light sleepers whereas if you set the temperature on high, everyone can be disturbed in the house. Testing the noise is easy as you can ask any friend who has the similar air conditioner regarding the sound but reading the specifications will let you know the right pitch of the sound.

Consider the Dimension of Air

Window air conditioners are quite popular for providing even cooling to the whole room as they keep the direction of the air towards the centre. So, it is important to consider the type of AC whereas you also need to check whether the air will blow towards left or right. However, if you aren’t sure about the direction, try to select the one that has fan arms for swivelling.

Choose the Accurate Size

Considering the cost and features is good but the size should be pondered first because the price will vary according to the size of air conditioner. If you prefer the window air conditioner then you must know that cooling capacity range of these units starts from 5000 Btu and can be selected up to 12,500 British thermal units however the air conditioner Btu chart can help you in this regard. Suppose, if the size of your room is 20×20 feet then it is recommended to you to buy an air conditioner with 12000 BTU’s. So, this is how the efficiency of AC varies according to the size of the room and it is good to analyze your needs before buying any unit.

Location of Room should also be considered

If you are planning to install the AC in a room that is located directly in the sunlight then you may have to increase the capacity of BTU’s by 10 percent, however, for the room that is heavily shaded, you can reduce the capacity by 10 percent. More on, you can calculate the Btu air conditioner formula while multiplying the width by the length of the room. So, make sure to keep the location of the room in mind while buying the AC.

Check the Conditions of Warranty

The warranty is also vital to ponder before buying the AC because some air conditioners come with a very short warranty that gives an alarming sign regarding the functionality of the unit. Well, in this case, the company’s website can assist you because all such details are usually mentioned on the official website of the brand. More on, you’ll also come to know that whether the retailer is offering the exact warranty as per the details of the company or not.

Correct Installation

If you want to get the maximum cooling then make sure that AC is fitted at the right place because if the location is not selected wisely, you may not get the accurate amount of cooling. The heat generating devices like lamp or TV should also be placed away from the unit. More on, it is also crucial to keep the unit maintained and for this purpose, the filter should be kept at a place where cleaning can be done easily.

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